August - Top 5 Juicy Bits

Here's the top 5 juicy bits this month.  It's been a bit quieter on the Google front in the last few weeks. So... check out our new client HopSpot and their great new service, more about 'attribution', and Bing. And finally - and this is big - Facebook is no longer going to charge for unintentional clicks on their audience network!  

Shout Outs

Our shout outs this month go to Carl Steward at Springload, Ben Pujji at Atomic and Nicole Tucker at BNZ,  Thanks again Carl, Ben and Nicole for referring us to your colleagues and friends. We'll be returning the favour. Your happiness shared is our happiness.

HopSpot. Now Pouring!

We don't usually promote our clients but this is such a cool service that we thought you and your mates might want to know about it. You can now get beautiful fresh craft beer, usually only available on tap at selected establishments, delivered to your door overnight. 

Here's Fathers Day sorted!  

Google Attribution: What Search Marketers need to know 

We're regularly talking about the importance of being aware of the part Google AdWords plays in all your non-AdWords conversions. Google's new attribution solution now offers more insights and functionality than currently available in AdWords or Analytics.  
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Some more interesting articles we have found from across the web...

Bing Ads introduces in-line competitive metrics

Bing Ads introduces a new way to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Competitive metrics will compare how your campaigns are performing versus competitors. If you are not currently investing in Bing, it is worth doing. Get in touch with us.  

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Facebook gets rid of unintentional clicks and impressions

This is great news if you pay Per Link Click. We haven't been using Facebook's Audience Network given the poor return on investment due to the high unintentional clicks. These clicks will no longer be taken into account, reported, nor charged.  Starting immediately Facebook will ...

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27 Facebook Relevance Score hacks for great results 

Find out why the Facebook relevance score matters and how to ensure that your ads get a 5-point or higher score on the total scale of 1-10. 
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