We refine your AdWords (paid search)

We’re paid search scientists who specialise in optimising Google and Bing Ads accounts. We can manage your accounts, provide professional guidance, or help with a particular facet of paid search, like remarketing.


Paid search account management

We can take care of your paid search accounts, whether you’re new to search or have been plugging away at it for a while. If you already work with an advertising agency, we can partner with them to handle the very specialised search side of things. We’ll save you a lot of time, money and complex data wrangling – and get you in front of more customers.

We believe in data, not guesswork. Using custom tools, we:

  • mine the real-time search terms your customers actually use
  • highlight key actions needed to manage and accurately serve your ads
  • develop the right ad groups to increase your chance of conversion
  • manage pricing and bidding efficiently
  • regularly report back with key insights to inform your ongoing marketing.

Search consultancy

We can provide an independent review of your current search performance – especially if you’ve already been toiling away with search for some time and you want advice or guidance. The outcome of a review is a set of search recommendations to:

  • increase search marketing visibility
  • increase conversions
  • reduce costs per click.

Remarketing consultancy

Remarketing gets your message in front of customers who’ve already visited your website – it’s a specialised facet of search. Using remarketing lists, we can show your ads to these customers when they do future Google searches, increasing your chance to make a conversion and giving you extra control over your target audience.

To plan and implement a remarketing campaign for you, we can:

  • create target audiences from your Google Analytics account
  • import your target audiences into Google Ads
  • establish your campaigns
  • monitor progress and refine audience and messaging where necessary.

Google Display, YouTube and Facebook

We apply the same obsession to detail in managing your advertising through Google Display ads, YouTube and Facebook.

Costs tailored to your needs

We believe in providing maximum benefit for minimum cost. We’ll tailor your costs according to your search marketing goals, available budget and search account complexity.

Let’s start with a chat: info@optimumresults.co.nz 0800 423 277