Competition Results - Which AdWords ad would you choose?

A special congratulations to Debbie Smith, from Auckland, the winner of four fantastic lifejackets from our friends at Burnsco. Debbie was chosen at random using From left: Max Ingram, Simon Hardie, Debbie and her girls Gemma and Hayley, and Derek Wilson. Thanks to our friends (and client) at Burnsco for contributing to our prize.

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We combined two goals. The first, getting an idea of whether you would chose an ad with a positive approach or one that motivates through a ‘fear’ of consequences, and secondly, a/b testing audiences and posts to fans and followers of Optimum Results' Facebook page.

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The results

Ad 1 was streets ahead with 135 votes to 97 votes (not all entries had votes). However, it was a tad inconclusive as we suspect a few were voting for the child versus adult lifejackets rather than the two ads. Although it wasn’t a condition of entry, you did give us some well considered advice.

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Our favourite comment was - "Great reason to get a boat!"

What we learnt 

We learnt that different people respond to different approaches and you need to be continually testing your ads to find the ones that convert best into qualified leads and sales - OK, we already knew that.

Do a friend a favour

If you know anyone who would benefit from our scientists working on their AdWords account, please let us or them know.

Thanks again for voting and tagging a mate. Watch out for our next competition in September.

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