A Snap Shot of Snap Rentals

Snap Rentals operates in a highly competitive AdWords market and had been struggling to make AdWords deliver an acceptable return on investment.  Patrick Broadbent, Co-Owner, found Optimum Results through an Optimum Results’ AdWords ad. He hooked up at the end of January 2016 and hasn’t looked back. He’s even started spreading the word (thanks Patrick). 

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Snap Rentals immediately noticed their account shifting up a gear. With a more than acceptable return on investment on on-line sales after only two months he increased their spend.

“This is the first time AdWords has worked well for us and we have tried it with a couple of previous businesses too.” says Patrick

Here’s the SNAP shot

Let’s compare May 2015 with May 2016. May also happens to be the start of their slower season. Impressions target qualified searchers and everything else follows.

Snap Impressions

Now here’s where the rubber really meets the road

Their on-line sales from AdWords have seen a whopping 742% increase with an increased return on their AdWords investment of 800%. How good is that?

Snap ROI      

And the road never ends

Simon Hardie, Senior Data Scientist and Co-Owner, says, “Four months is still early days – with constant optimisation it can only get better for Snap Rentals.”

So what’s the trick?  It isn’t a trick, it is a science.  As with all Optimum Results’ clients, our scientists first optimised the set up of Snap Rentals’ account.  From there it is a matter of constant and consistent optimisation, using our proven proprietary platform, processes, experience and knowledge to improve their return on investment.

Going to Christchurch or Auckland

Next time you need a rental from Auckland or Christchurch airports contact Snap Rentals

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Do a friend a favour

If you know anyone who would like scientists working on their AdWords account, please let us or them know.

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