A SNAPshot : Stunning results for a Facebook client

Last July we gave you a SNAPshot of Snap Rentals’ AdWords results showing how Optimum Results increased their on-line sales from AdWords by 742% for May 15 on May 16. 

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This time it's Facebook

Patrick Broadbent, Co-owner Snap Rentals, once again put his faith in us to deliver ROI – this time on their Facebook advertising.  At the time they were earning just a bit less than they were spending, and like many other brands, it was pretty much a building brand awareness exercise. We now manage the advertising side, while Patrick and the team manage their well-loved Facebook page, and from time to time boost some of their posts. 

Our Approach

First and foremost, we installed the latest version of Facebook’s pixel so we could track their bookings - without data you can’t optimise the account. We then analysed their results and identified the source of their current bookings from Facebook, and the performance of their current ads.  We wanted to make sure their current revenue was protected, and identify any wastage. 

On our recommendation Patrick agreed immediately to axe one of the Facebook channels which had sucked up the lion’s share of the budget for next to no return on investment.  

We then worked with Snap to develop audiences and tailor ads for each of the audiences. There are now strategies for three tightly defined audiences.  We selected a couple of existing ads and together developed a few new ones. Here’s an example of a carousel ad and a boosted post.

Snap Ads

Snap - Ad

We then trialled the new and old regime for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off before switching to the new plan. Snap Rentals immediately noticed their account shifting up a gear. 

Here’s the SNAP shot

Let’s compare the previous six months with the current six months. This graph shows the impact of axing the channel that sucked up all the money.  

Snap Link Clicks

The link clicks scarily dropped by around 500%, but luckily we knew that those clicks weren’t converting. This freed up the budget to concentrate on what does work.

And here’s where the rubber meets the road

Their on-line sales from Facebook have seen a whopping 450% increase with a similar increased in their return on investment. Their costs have remained the same.  

Snapshot - ROI

So what’s the trick?

It isn’t a trick.  Facebook is very time consuming but it’s a matter of focusing on the right things, and constantly tinkering. Know your audiences and your channels and target them with the right information and offers. From there it is a matter of constant and consistent optimisation, using our processes, experience and knowledge to improve the return on investment. 

Lynley Cunningham, Facebook consultant and Co-Owner of Optimum Results says, “Six months is still early days – with constant optimisation and innovation it can only get better for Snap Rentals.” 

“We appreciate the work you guys are doing. Nice work.” says Patrick. 

 Next time you need a rental car from Auckland or Christchurch airports contact Snap Rentals. 

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Do a friend a favour 

If you, or you know anyone else who would like us to work on their Facebook account, please let us or them know. 


                                             From the team at Optimum Results