Your Landing Page is Under Our Microscope

I was searching for comparative costs of landing pages yesterday and clicked on an AdWords ad for a landing page specialist.  Their own landing page had no images, literally tons of loosely related copy about their business and their focus on conversions, and nothing specific about landing pages nor any reference to cost.

Needless to say I clicked away.

For this blog, the definition of a landing page is the web page your potential client or web visitor lands on after clicking an AdWords ad.  The quality of your landing page is critical to increasing the return on your digital investment.  It is simply about being focused and relevant.  

Check out your landing page

To check out your landing pages, first find your highest volume search term (or ask us), and the ad responding to that search term. Then click through to your landing page. 

Is your landing page relevant to your potential customer's search term?  Are you making the next step as easy as possible for them?  Here is the trick.  The search term may be a indicator of where they are in the funnel.  For instance, someone may search on 'what is a landing page' and another may search on 'landing page providers wellington'.

The first searcher is finding out more about landing pages so your AdWords ad and your landing page needs to relate to the information they want to know about landing pages up front.  It needs to nurture them down your conversion funnel to more information (via phone contact or email capture), or you might strike it lucky and they buy now because you have answered their question and gained trust.

The second searcher is finding out who can develop landing pages for them.  They are in the market to buy now. Your ad and landing page needs to convince them that amongst your competitors you will provide the best solution for them.  Convert them here and now.  Or, remarket to them if they don't convert.

Your current page may be trying to do everything and not doing anything well.  Remember, it is all about what's relevant to to them, not to us.  

Use this infographic to rate your landing page 

We're all bombarded with trend information like Top Ten Hacks for Converting Clients, Top 10 Best Performing Landing Pages, Top 10 a/b testing strategies, Three Landing Pages Best Practices Debunked etc. etc. etc.  But it isn't rocket science and here is an infographic from the folks at Deep End Design (and promoted by Unbounce).  It's a comprehensive list of 2016 design and UX (user experience) trends that have been shown to boost conversions, and it makes good sense.

landing page trends infographic.jpg

Some marketers define a landing page as a page dedicated to gathering leads. However you define it, it is a page dedicated to conversions - whatever conversion is important to you ie a booking, phone call, email, quote form, lead form etc.  Landing pages can be a relatively quick, easy and economical solution to develop and test new web pages solely designed to convert. Once you know they work, you can keep them going, invest in changing the page on your website, or use it to inform new web development. 

Did I find the perfect landing page for the 'cost of landing pages'?  Yes, I found the one in five.  And that one was not the global brand pedaling a Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing with no reference to landing pages - hello.  That is pretty low odds for companies in the business, and shows that although linking the search term to the landing page may sound like commonsense it is not yet common place. Therefore, you have the opportunity to stand apart from your competitors, as well as increasing your leads.

Get the best landing page

If you are serious about wanting the best return on investment from your AdWords, we may be able to help you with your landing pages.  If you are already a client of ours, we'll be talking to you.

From the team at Optimum Results.