Google Ads and Why They Are So Important

Why are ads important?

AdWords is a form of advertising and ads are front and centre of any campaign so obviously ads are important. Why would we even ask the question?

Well, the quality of the ad is so important to maximising the effectiveness of your AdWords account that we’ve dedicated this short blog to just highlighting this concept.

The reasons to take ads very seriously

Fundamentally, of course you want your ad to be clicked, get potential clients or customers to your website and then complete the sale. That’s the whole point about using AdWords.

But having the right ads are even more important. The click-through rate or number of times your ad is clicked is the secret sauce of AdWords. There are two magic results from increasing your click-through rate:

  1. The actual cost per click you pay will become cheaper, and
  2. Your ad will be shown in a higher position on the search engine results page.

Of course, when your ad shows higher up the page, you get even more clicks… more customers and clients.

So all the work you do in your AdWords account should be about getting your ad clicked. This includes selecting the right keywords through to having the right ad copy.